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Recovery Ice Bath Pod - Commercial Grade

Recovery Ice Bath Pod - Commercial Grade

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What Does an Ice Bath Do?

Ease Soreness and Chronic Pain

Athletes and fitness professionals across disciplines have started touting cold plunges, cryotherapy and ice baths as a great addition to a recovery routine post-workout to help reduce muscle soreness and pain.

Flush Metabolic Waste

Then, once you get out of the tub or chamber, the blood vessels open back up and start a process that helps flush away metabolic waste post-workout.

Increases Blood Flow and Oxygen

According to Clayton, lymph nodes don’t have a pump like your heart does to pump blood around your body, so ice baths constrict and open and help move stagnant fluids around your body. The increased blood flow floods your cells with nutrients and oxygen to theoretically help your body recover.

Boost Metabolism 

We interviewed Dr. Charles Tabone for this piece, a naturopathic doctor. He explained that “With frequent exposure to cold, our body will work to generate more heat through uncoupling of mitochondria and conversion of adipose tissue into brown fat.”

“This will cause an increase in metabolism and result in burning more calories at rest. Our body will also release adrenaline and dopamine, leading to enhanced cognition and emotions."


x1 Bath Pod

x1 Water Cooling Machine

x1 Power Outlet Cable and Hose Connectors 

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Shorter post-exercise recovery time.

Reduce fatigue and decrease the risk of injury.

Low temperature salt water facilitates faster resolution of soft tissue injuries.

Treat muscle and joint pain and soft tissue strains.

Combat hypoxic injury due to excessive inflammation.

Promote recovery of the neural and cardio-vascular system.

Minimise delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


- Ice Pod Bath

- Hose connector.

- Machine.

- Power Cable.

- Carry case.

- Manual.


Capacity - 580 Litre

Height - 1200 mm

Width - 780 mm

Length - 1100 mm

Net Weight - 60kg

Temperature - 3-42°C

Power Supply - 220-240VAC 50/60Hz

Input Power - 1160W

Cooling Power - 2900W


Power Supply - 110-127VAC 60Hz

Input Power - 1150W

Cooling Power - 3050W

Controls - Local Screen Control & APP Controls IOS & Android.


- UV Disinfection

- Constant Temperature - Regulation

- Transportation Wheels

- Low Running Noise

- Quick Fit Connections

- Industrial Grade Cooling Compressor

- Eco-Friendly Refrigeration

- CE, RoHs, FCC, IC, C-TICK Cerfication

- APP Controls or Local Screen Control


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