Athletes Who Approve

Beth Mead -
Pro Footballer for Arsenal Women's | England International.
"I love the Flextron massage gun, it is better than all the rest.
And speeds up my recovery in between games, never has recovery been so easy. Highly recommend."
Jonna Andersson - 
Pro Footballer for Chelsea FC Women's.
“Recovery is very important for me as a professional football player and to be able to use your Flextron massage gun it helps me even better with my recovery.
It’s perfect to have all the different tools to put on the massage gun depending on what specific area I want to use it.
The massage gun helps me to recover and release muscle tension and stiffness and it gives me even better opportunity to recover quicker.”
Charlie Estcourt - 
Wales International Football Player.
"I love the flextron massage gun, as a player it’s so important to get in as much recovery as possible and the massage gun makes that easy to do! It’s so easy to take around with you to away trips on on international camps. It’s the perfect recovery tool!"