Flextron - Compression & Heat Leg Boots Massager System - PRE ORDER- LAUNCH SALE PRICE

Flextron - Compression & Heat Leg Boots Massager System - PRE ORDER- LAUNCH SALE PRICE

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What Is Leg Compression & Heat Therapy?

Leg compression therapy is designed to apply pressure to the legs, from the foot to the top of the thigh. Increasingly popular with athletes, physiotherapists & hospitals. It's designed to help circulate blood around the legs & up to your heart, reduce muscle pain, relieve arthritis pain, increase mobility & prevent injury. 


NEW Heating Therapy added to this system allows the ability to reduce joint pain, help flow nutrients in the body to the knee joint. Also an inflamed area with heat therapy will help dilate the blood vessels, promote blood flow, help sore and tightened muscles to relax.


This hard wired professional-grade air compression massager + heat therapy to reduce pain, reduce recovery time.




Size Guide

This system is designed to be universal to most sized legs.


Measure your heel to the top of your thigh, along with the full Diameter of your thigh, calve and foot.


Then reference a size below to ensure it fits your size. The Diameter of your thigh should have approx. 2 finger or 1" gap to allow for the inflation to compress on the thigh. Remember that the boots will inflate, the size is a rough guide. 


We have even decided to give every customer an extendable pad set in the kit.


Estimate height range - 5'1-6'2 ft



Pressure Range: 35-45 kPa

Heat Range: 40-45-50°C

Battery & Power: Wired 3000mAh Li Rechargeable, 24W

Power Supply: 100-240V - 50/60Hz 12VDC - 1.5A


Display & Modes: 3 Pressure Intensities - 3 Function Modes

Treatment Time: 15mins with auto off fuctions


What's Included In The Kit?


  • x1 Wired Controller & Charger
  • x1 Pair of leg sleeves 
  • x1 Carry suitcase & Manual