Recovery booth at a local crossfit event

How Does it Work?

Flextron FlexLegs Leg Compression system engages "lymphatic flush" The system’s role is to transport lymph, a fluid with blood cells that fight infection throughout the body.

To remove dead blood cells, pathogens and lactic acid. Preventing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

The Wave Compression creates pulsating movements that helps to reduce injury by removing lactic acid and improving Blood Flow.

Prevent Injury For A Healthier Future

• Reduce Stiffness

• Reduce Inflammation, Cramps

• Improve Performance

• Reduce Injury

• Help Blood Flow

• Reduce Lactic Acid

Invest in your Recovery... Your body will thank you later in life

We completed a study that showed within 2 months of Compression Therapy, you can improve your overall performance by 30%

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Invest in your recovery today, don't leave it too late to prevent injury.


Approved by Athlete & Physiotherapists

An injury can be the difference between winning or damaging your career. 

Recovery investment is key to ensure you physically fit and on top of your game.

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