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Flextron - Suction Cupping Therapy Myofascial Vacuum Machine

Flextron - Suction Cupping Therapy Myofascial Vacuum Machine

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Flextron Cupper is an affordable multifunctional cupper, combining Automatic Suction and Red Light Therapy in one device.

It’s an incredible recovery tool for pain management & myofascial release, a perfect choice for both commercial use, professional & home use.

- 12 Mode Intensity Levels
- Red Light Therapy.
- 12 Heat Levels.
- Effective Myofascial Release.
- Compact, Rechargeable & Portable.

- Automatic Suction & Release 20min Therapy 

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Red Light

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Dynamic Cupping Technology outstands ordinary cupping sets with an Automatic rhythmic of suction & release, which boosts blood circulation faster to the area & speeds up the recovery process. Unlike manual cupping which requires a manual process to vent or pressurise the device. This is a hands free automatic system. 

6 Mode intensity levels.

Serves as your personal massage therapist & tailors a massage to your own needs.

Red Light Therapy

Aid to pain, inflammation, bringing faster results in healing skin & muscle tissue as well as creating more relaxation.

Effective Myofascial Release

A combination of different treatments enables effective trigger point or myofascial release while enhancing circulation & flexibility in just a few minutes.

Easy To Use

Simple touch on the control panel, frees you from exhausting hand manipulation. Now you can enjoy a massage effortlessly.

Compact & Portable

The compact size makes this a perfect recovery tool for various areas such as the back, shoulder, hips, hamstring and calves. You can carry it around & enjoy a massage anywhere.


Charging Voltage & Power

5v-2A / 5W

Product Size


Suction Strength



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x1 Flextron Cupper

x1 Charger Cable

x1 Manual

x1 Filter Replacements

x1 Carry Case

What Is It?

How Does It Work?

  • What Does It Help Combat?

    • Varicosity
    • Soreness
    • Muscle Fatigue
    • Slow Blood Flow
    • Muscle Knots
    • Swollen Veins
  • When Should I Use It?

    Most athlete and customers see best results after exercise or before bed time.

  • How Do We Compare To Others?

    We are currently the ONLY company that has the most pressure vacuum and highest spec'd cupper in relation to price.

Why Choose Us?

Flextron®️ is 100% British & Australian Owned and Operated.

With distribution centres based in:

  • Milton Keynes (UK)
  • Eight Mile Plains (AU)

Our goal is to provide you with the Most Powerful Recovery Equipment at an Affordable Price.

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