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Flextron - V1.0 Leg Compression Massager- Recovery Support Boots

Flextron - V1.0 Leg Compression Massager- Recovery Support Boots

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Leg compression therapy is designed to target leg muscle pain by applying pressure to the legs, from the foot to the top of the thigh in stages. Increasingly popular with athletes and physiotherapists.

It's designed to help circulate and increase blood flow around the legs & up to your heart, reducing muscle pain, relief of arthritis, increase mobility and prevent injury. 


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Selecting a size is straight forward, measure your heel to the top of your thigh, along with the full Diameter of your thigh.

Then reference a size below that suits your size. The Diameter of your thigh should have approx. 3 finger or 2" gap to allow for the inflation to compress on the thigh. Remember that the boots will inflate, the size is a rough guide.

Size guide - L (Length), D (Diameter).

Large: 100cm L x 75cm D - (est.height-6'1-6'7ft)

Medium: 86cm L x 70cm D - (est.height-5'2-6'0ft)



Pressure Range: 80-260mmHg

Battery & Power: 5200mAh Li Rechargeable, 49W

Power Supply: 100-240V - 12.6VDC - 4A


Display & Modes: 4 Function Modes including positive & negative pressure via LED touch screen.

Air Chambers: 6 Overlapping Chambers, individual zone selection.

Operating Conditions

Treatment Time: 10-90mins

Noise: ≤40DB(A)

Ambient Temperature: 10-40°C


Carry Bag Dimensions: 37x36x23 cm

Weight: 4.7 kgs


A - Each chamber inflates individually then deflates, moving up the leg. Cycles then repeats.

B - Most Recommend- Inflating each chamber while holding the previous pressurised chamber, moving up the leg. Cycles then repeats.

C - Inflating 2 chambers at a time, then decompressing the first chamber inflated. In a leap frog cycle. Cycles then repeats.

D - All chambers inflate, then deflate. Cycles then repeats.


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Have an issue with your system?

Here are some useful tips to help you:

Chambers not inflating?

1. Check hose is not kinked, split and all ports are in their respected outlets.

2. Check that you have all chambers activated, via the LED touch screen on the chamber activation settings. And unit is fully charged.

3. Check the connection points between hoses, open and see if the rubber O rings are in tact, replace if issue persists.

4. Ensure you have more than the lowest pressure output on your controller, increase above 80 mmHg.

5. Check the white O rings inside of the controller, ensure all are there and not damaged. Replace if issue persists.

If issues persists, please contact us for help.