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Universal Ice Cold Compression Support Gel Pack For Pain Relief Of Back, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist, Foot, Ankle

Universal Ice Cold Compression Support Gel Pack For Pain Relief Of Back, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist, Foot, Ankle

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Cold compression is a treatment to reduce inflammationrelieve muscle painpulled, strained or torn ligaments (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL) and short term relief for acute injuriesIt is to be a more effective treatment than using traditional methods. Take the edge off the pain and get our cold therapy wrap today!


    Cold therapy decrease pain by numbing nerve endings in your body. This slows down communication between your body and your brain, resulting in less pain. Using cold therapy may help you rely less on medication as you recover from an injury.


    Not only does it act as a superior cold therapy wrap, but it also comes with a ball pump for inflating the gel pack to apply targeted pressure to the area. Experience quicker relief by effortlessly combining compression and cold therapy. 


    Universal to most injured body areas, such as Wrist, Elbow, Back, Shoulder, Ankle and FootWith 3 straps, you can alter the tightness to suit your needs and placement of the ice pack.

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    Flextron's Compression Gel Pack has an sift cotton design with a soft foam Pe+Nylon Taffeta, meaning it is very comfortable to wear, and moulds via compression the cold pack to the area perfectly for an optimal ice treatment. 

    Designed To Fit Most Areas:

    • Reduces Inflammation
    • Quick Instant Nervous Pain Relief
    • Prevents Further Injury
    • Pre-Post Surgery Recovery
    • Portable To Wear


    3 Strap Sizes

    • Small Strap - 32 cm
    • Medium Strap - 50 cm
    • Large Strap - 84 cm
    • Stretchable to double their size.


    Constant optimal temperature upto: 3-5 hours.

    Pressure range: 0-150 mmHg


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    We guarantee quality workmanship.

    For peace of mind, we offer a 1yr warranty on all products, including your 14 day money back refund.

    • When Should I Use?

      Most of our customers saw best results when they used it 3 times per day; Morning, Mid Day & Afternoon. With just 15mins each session.

    • Where Can I Use It?

      Our Compression Gel Wrap is Universal to most major pain areas. Such as; Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Back, Thigh, Knee, Ankle.

    • How Do I Use It?

      Simply detached the gel pad and freeze or heat, depending on your needs.

      Articles suggest for recent painful injuries to use Cold therapy and for on going and prevention of injury to use Heat.

    Why Choose Us?

    Flextron®️ is 100% British & Australian Owned and Operated.

    With distribution centres based in:

    • Milton Keynes (UK)
    • Eight Mile Plains (AU)

    Our goal is to provide you with the Most Powerful Recovery Equipment at an Affordable Price.